lessons learned about objective summary

what was easy about this assignment is that i really didnt have to put much of my own thought into it. it was easy because i was just quoteing the author. even though it was easy just to tell about the author it was also hard trying not to put my own opinion into the paper. i had to make sure my thoughts, opinons,and comments didnt show in the paper and made sure it was all about the author.


uh huh! alians do exist!

In the truth behind the scene they talk about martian cover up. They talk about how a NASA govenment they goventment has been  hiding known contact with martians from us from for over 60 years. They only release things to the public that they want us to know and what they dont they hide behind our backs.  i beleive the govenment has always had conact with alians. this just goes to show there can be many other things that we might not know that s goin on brhind our backs. also in the truth behind the scene they talk about alians abductions. they are known to take humans for their medical and sexual reproduction procedures. i believe the government knowns well about this too. i even believe they have agreements with they governemt to in trade with technology.


for my paper i wanted to resaerch about the 2012 conspiracy and if the people in the world have anithing to worry about? i wanted to know what are some of the effects will will take place in the world if the 2012 conspircy comes true. the reasrch i looked at today said that the conspiricy is not actually known but its roots are found within secrests societes for hundreds of years.  i just want to know the great secrets behind it and see wat information i can pull of it.

thanx for the help !!!

i really didnt have much, but from wat i have started the comments i received was very helpful! they pointed out things i forgot in my paper and things i can add to make it better. i like the idea of having somone other then me looking at my paper. this is a way to have an extra set of eyes and thoughts helping me write my paper..lol i like that its makes it easier for me and ups my percentage of gettin a better grade!  thumbs up to my peer editors


I wanted to tell you all about how my friend tramatized me.(lol) He told me he wanted to show a cool video and it was really interested. With all his enthusiasm, he made me wanted to see it even more! he pushed the play button and the video begins to play. its starts with a man with his eyes coverd. he his also sitting in a chair with his hands and feet tied with thick rope. he his surrounded by four other men who are also covered in black clothing with their faces coverd. so as i watched this video im looking like oookkk… They began talking to the man in the chair in a different language. I knew it had to be in a different country. they were asking him question trying to get info. on a man . after all their qustion one man pulled out a long life abd satbbed him in the side. i jummped back. then they yanked his head back and started sawing at his neck. they krpt going tile he was completely decapatated. i knew it was real because his bodywas still moving from from the nerves in his body. 

 In foreign countries they have a big difference in rules and how they handle certain situations. In america when we do illegal things we are givin time away from society. In a foreign country  if u steal you just might get your hand cut off. That interest me, and i would like to know why is it so extreme in other places.


well, im a little new to this. I usually don’t blog, but i’ll give it a shot. im a Northern Illinois University student in Dekalb, Illinois and im from Chicago. The two areas are way different from each other. I am going to NIU to became a visual art major. I love drawing and different types of art such as painting and scultors. Art has always had my attention since i was a  child and evan as i grew older. I’m not to sure what im goin to do with it yet. I just leaned towards wat i enjoy the most and hopefully it pays off on its own.

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